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Hawaii Pushes for Labeling


For decades, GMO corporations have been growing and testing GM crops in Hawaii. The copious amounts of sunshine and rainfall in its year-round growing climate, in addition to its isolation, make it an ideal place to grow GM crops. However, Hawaiian’s are now concerned about the health and environmental impacts of pesticide use that comes with cultivating GM crops, and are pushing for regulating GMOs.

Hawaii County Bill 79, would “prohibit the propagation, cultivation, raising, growing, sale and distribution of transgenic organisms” on the island of Hawaii, aka the Big Island. The bill will be debated at a hearing today of the county council’s public safety committee.

And Kauai County Council Bill 2491, introduced last week, would impose a moratorium on the experimental use and commercial production of GMOs until an environmental impact study is completed. The legislation would also create new permitting requirements and procedures for growing such crops after the study is complete, including rules on the use of chemicals.”

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Connecticut Passes GMO Labeling Law!


Connecticut is the first state in the United States to pass a law that requires genetically-engineered food to be labeled. Although, compromises had to made with legislators to get it passed; four other states in the northeast region of the US must also enact similar bills before this bill in Connecticut will take effect. Read the full story on how they accomplished this here.

GMO Awareness Survey

We created a short survey on basic information about GMOs just to see how much the Boulder community knows about them. We surveyed over 100 people on Pearl Street Mall, on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus, and on all of our Facebook pages. Here are the results!

Do you know what a GMO (genetically modified organism) is?

Yes 83%
No 17%

Are you for or against having GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in food products?

I am for GMO’s 25%
I am against GMO’s 29%
I am undecided 46%

Who is Monsanto?

…label food products containing GMO’s 6%
…produce non-GMO food 3%
…produce GMO food 53%
I don’t know 38%

GMO’s have been proven to cause harm if consumed.

True 47 44%
False 61 56%

Where are GMO’s highly regulated?

United States 15%
Europe 41%
Africa 4%
Asia 7%
The Middle East 4%
I don’t know 30%

GMO’s can NOT be organic

True 54%
False 46%