The World Trade Organization prohibit the countries associated with it from banning GM products[1].

In Europe:

It is mandatory to label food products containing GMOs; even accidentally contaminated food products must label if more than 1% of it’s DNA is modified[13]. Because of this, most of Europe is GM free. The negative connotation associated with GMOs has led to food producers to not want that label, and therefore there has been a push for non-GMO food.

In Africa:

In Algeria, planting and distributing GMO foods is not legal, and in Egypt, GMO foods must be approved before distribution[12].

In Asia:

Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Japan and the Philippines have laws that limit GMO foods.

In the Middle East:

Saudi Arabia has banned growing GMO foods and importing GMO wheat[12].

In the Americas:

Brazil and Paraguay have restrictions on GMO foods, but in US there still are imports and growth of GMO foods without any mandatory labeling[1][4][12]

The lack of labeling in the US is a growing concern among Americans, especially since GMO’s are already more regulated everywhere else except in the US. We want to push for more labeling!



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