GMO Awareness Survey

We created a short survey on basic information about GMOs just to see how much the Boulder community knows about them. We surveyed over 100 people on Pearl Street Mall, on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus, and on all of our Facebook pages. Here are the results!

Do you know what a GMO (genetically modified organism) is?

Yes 83%
No 17%

Are you for or against having GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in food products?

I am for GMO’s 25%
I am against GMO’s 29%
I am undecided 46%

Who is Monsanto?

…label food products containing GMO’s 6%
…produce non-GMO food 3%
…produce GMO food 53%
I don’t know 38%

GMO’s have been proven to cause harm if consumed.

True 47 44%
False 61 56%

Where are GMO’s highly regulated?

United States 15%
Europe 41%
Africa 4%
Asia 7%
The Middle East 4%
I don’t know 30%

GMO’s can NOT be organic

True 54%
False 46%